I wanted to transfer this previous information from my old blog to this new home…but with an update.

***There are only 12 posters remaining! This is great news putting the money donated to families in need at $2,100 (number of posters for sale was 84).  that makes ya feel good in the heart eh?  when the prints are gone, they are gone, get your hands on them now while you still can.***

Poster link: JB contributes
small can be big: smallcanbebig.org

*Original post about the image, below*

from the website: on ‘Why small can be big’ ….

Small is direct

You’re stuck in the rain. I hand you an umbrella. You stay dry, and I feel good about helping.

That sense of immediacy is part of what makes giving so rewarding. And it’s what makes SmallCanBeBig.org unique – whether it’s $3 or $300, every last penny you give goes directly to address a specific need, rent or utility bill or medical expense, so the impact of your donation is immediate – for you and for the family you’re helping.

Aside from making a living, part of my motivation as an artist is to use my skills to contribute in a positive way to those people around me. Making an impact is important and while this step may be small, I believe it’s in the right direction. I recommend we all step back and see how our art can help not just ourselves, but also those in need around us.

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