I’ve been fortunate to develop a comfortable and friendly relationship with Christianity Today Magazine over the past year, their assignments are always challenging and the AD is ridiculously friendly.  Some time ago they asked to re-use an illustration I did for their book review to decorate the renovated office.  It looks like myself and some others (can’t tell who from the picture) made it into the board room.  Thought it was kinda cool, wanted to share a photo.


Im looking forward to getting back to the print making studio next week to produce this 3 color poster. The image is for a theme Nobrow has put together, “People I’ve never met and conversations I’ve never had.”.This would be the conversation I’ve never had, which is not true, I love lots of people and I tell them, but you know, I’m going for dramatic effect here.

If the next 4 months are anything like the last 4, this will most likely be the only print I make for awhile.  Too bad, I really enjoy printing, I like the hands on physical aspect, it is tiring and you really feel like you worked for the final product (right Matthew Barney?).

ok, taking the afternoon off, going to play some (concrete) pond hockey, and then watch the Eagles bang some heads. go birds.

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2 Responses to “RANDOM NOTES”

  1. Eric Braddock Says:

    Awesome post, Jon. It’s been great seeing your work develop into the style you’ve made out for yourself. Really beautiful stuff. It must be really cool seeing your work hung like that in the board room! Seems like a nice little moment.

  2. Alecia Sharp Says:

    Nice to see this up here! Your work hangs with the likes of Amanda Duffy (Rat Under Paper), Rob Day, and Chris from Red Nose Studio.

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