well, its been a year in the works but I am FINALLY getting this bad boy out the door.

Tertium Comparison is a book of my work illustrating metaphoric quotes, presented in the format of postcards.

description from the inside cover:

“This is a book of translation. My intent is not to introduce you to new quotes but instead make you see them in a new way; a unique view of life lessons we can all take something away from. Through the use of metaphor and contrastive analysis each image overlaps with a quote to bring to life the common message between the two. This overlapping space is known as Tertium.”

Im proud to be sending this out. I’ve printed a relatively small number of 100, if you are recieving one, I really hope you enjoy.  thanks for reading

The books are wrapped in a xerox printed belly band and enclosed in 2 color screen printed cardboard boxes.

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  1. xevv Says:

    uggggghhh….these look so gorgeous. I desperately wish I was receiving one.

    I’m sure they will attract a lot of positive attention!

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