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SVA, MFA Thesis exhibition, May 4th

April 28, 2010

come one, come all!

It has been two years now, but we have come to the end.  To celebrate the completion of our MFA studies, my class will be hosting the annual MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Thesis Show.  Of course I am biased, but the work is top knotch, beautiful, and worth the trip to Chelsea.

I hope to see you there.

More information about everyone involved, here

You can see a preview of the work I will have on display, here.



April 25, 2010

Wow, gotta say, this feels really good.  It’s humbling to get to work with a publication of such illustration history and caliber this early on in the career.

The illustration accompanies an article written by Paul Theroux regarding what it means to be a boyscout. This comes in the wake of the sexual abuse controversy.

Only a few days ago I was reading an anecdote by the extremely talented and well season vet, Scott Bakal, about how it feels to work for the Times.  A day later, I got an email about a job.

This paragraph says a lot about what it can mean to an illustrator. Scott says:

“I think one of every budding illustrators dreams, especially editorial illustrators, is to get published in the OP-ED section of the New York Times.  It certainly was always a fantasy and a career goal of mine.  I saw it as one of those watermarks in my career and to be able to have the ability to say as many of my friends have said, ‘Yeah, I did work for the Times’.”

You can read the rest of his post here .

thanks for reading


April 21, 2010

printing plate for mutual self-deception

A longer post.  As part of a promo package and subsequently a give-away at my thesis show, I am having an 18×24 poster printed of the image, ‘mutual self-deception’. The other day   I had the pleasure of a press check for color correction.  Good news- everything looked great, the pressman was really funny, and Queens seems to be a pretty cool borough. who’d of thought! I snapped a few pictures of my color plates while I was there.

This is the B/W side of the print...a Room of Follies

A side note about this image. I believe it is now running in the current issue of The Atlantic in their Gallery Section.  Based on those who have come before me, I feel honored that Jason has included my work.  go pick it up!

*for The Atlantic, gallery section

….and one last bit, I don’t get to do a whole lot of B/W work, but here is an image I cooked up recently. It was actually inspired by an episode of the old Hitchcock TV  show, but seems to be really fitting right now for Tiger Woods. In his honor, we will call it ‘The Tiger Woods effect”


April 15, 2010

As a youngster, growing up amongst the marshes of South Carolina, we use to spend a lot of time searching for bull frogs. ahhh, fond memories.


April 12, 2010

to be honest, Im not a big fan.

WATERMARK YOUR WORK! (watermark my work?)

April 7, 2010

In response to this little discussion you may have caught wind of…

“Just put a watermark across part of the image.”

“But boss, it kind of dilutes the product,I dont think we are effectively selling the message now.”


April 2, 2010