printing plate for mutual self-deception

A longer post.  As part of a promo package and subsequently a give-away at my thesis show, I am having an 18×24 poster printed of the image, ‘mutual self-deception’. The other day   I had the pleasure of a press check for color correction.  Good news- everything looked great, the pressman was really funny, and Queens seems to be a pretty cool borough. who’d of thought! I snapped a few pictures of my color plates while I was there.

This is the B/W side of the print...a Room of Follies

A side note about this image. I believe it is now running in the current issue of The Atlantic in their Gallery Section.  Based on those who have come before me, I feel honored that Jason has included my work.  go pick it up!

*for The Atlantic, gallery section

….and one last bit, I don’t get to do a whole lot of B/W work, but here is an image I cooked up recently. It was actually inspired by an episode of the old Hitchcock TV  show, but seems to be really fitting right now for Tiger Woods. In his honor, we will call it ‘The Tiger Woods effect”

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