Wow, gotta say, this feels really good.  It’s humbling to get to work with a publication of such illustration history and caliber this early on in the career.

The illustration accompanies an article written by Paul Theroux regarding what it means to be a boyscout. This comes in the wake of the sexual abuse controversy.

Only a few days ago I was reading an anecdote by the extremely talented and well season vet, Scott Bakal, about how it feels to work for the Times.  A day later, I got an email about a job.

This paragraph says a lot about what it can mean to an illustrator. Scott says:

“I think one of every budding illustrators dreams, especially editorial illustrators, is to get published in the OP-ED section of the New York Times.  It certainly was always a fantasy and a career goal of mine.  I saw it as one of those watermarks in my career and to be able to have the ability to say as many of my friends have said, ‘Yeah, I did work for the Times’.”

You can read the rest of his post here .

thanks for reading


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  1. sb Says:

    so SUPER sweet JB!

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