MacUser UK

Where my Brits at?! I wanted to share this because unfortunatly the interview is not available online.  A little while back MacUser UK contacted me regarding my work and outlook on business in a creative field.  Im really flattered about the amount of space they gave the artwork and how generous the AD and editors were.  Thanks!  If you happen to be in the UK and want to know everything you ever can about me….pick up the issue, out now!

I’ll share one of the better Q/A’s…

Q: “What is a mistake you have learned from?”

A: I probably could have saved a great deal of money had I been more patient and let my craft develop before putting my work out in the world with hopes of getting hired. To say this is a mistake is tough, but learn from it I did.  Putting your work in public opens you to criticism and when there is a lot of improvement needed, you get PLENTY of criticism. It was a crash course in “you must work harder” 101.

Otherwise, read my lips: ALWAYS spell check , ALWAYS confirm the name of the person you are emailing, and ALWAYS proof your color. believe me, I speak from experience



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