Another Theatrical poster! I truly love working on these. The Bridge Theatre Company is a great client and the plays (and readings) are full of rich content.  The Innocents, according to The Bridge’s website, tells the story of :

Stanley Birnbaum, fresh-faced wunderkind lawyer, has a bewildering new client: a smart young man from the suburbs, all the world open to him, who’s confessed to a brutal, senseless murder. As if Stanley weren’t bewildered enough by his love life already. A sexy, darkly funny exploration of youth, ambition, and desire.

I worked on a very tight deadline for this piece so we decided to stick with a BW image, but since the due date I took some time to make a few subtle adjustments. I am very happy with how the poster series for The Bridge is shaping up; a third one is coming up mid-summer.

If you are in New York this weekend and NOT watching the NHL finals, come out to see a unique theatre experience with an intimate reading of  “The Innocents”

TWO PERFORMANCES ONLY. Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th at 8pm. Each evening begins with a pre-show reception, sponsored byMOLSON CANADIAN, at 7pm.

Penthouse 1 @ Shetler Studios
244 West 54th Street (between 8th & Broadway), 12th Floor


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