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July 25, 2011

A small promotional image I did with Pierrepont Hicks!

A little sample of a sweet project I’m working on for Pierrepont Hicks







Small stuff

July 25, 2011

Recently did a handful of spot size images that I though I would share…


“Green Hotels” GO! AirTran Magazine

“Nebraska” For a poem of the same title, Stanford Alumni Magazine

“College Literature Department Whistle Blower” Penn Gazette



July 5, 2011

Title pretty much sums it up. I got a really fun call a few months back asking if I could illustrate Duke Nukem. I am not a video game player what so ever, but, like most other adolescent boys, I did dable in the first person shooter worlds back when things like Doom and Duke Nukem first came out for those old  PCs in the 90’s.  It wasn’t a big part of my daily life by any means, but Duke does bring back a few memories of childhood in Myrtle Beach, SC.  It made illustrating this picture all the more enjoyable.

article here: