Cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails

Hey everyone! As I have posted about before, I am thankful to still be working on a continuing series of show posters for “your favorite hockey player’s favorite Canadian theatre company”, aka, The Bridge Theatre Company. I am now able to share the final version of the third piece in the series for the production of Nicolas Billon’s “Greenland”.


In September 2005, an island was discovered off the east coast of Greenland (read the NY Times article here). Originally mapped as part of the mainland, the receding ice sheet has ‘revealed’ it to be an independent land mass. Greenland re-imagines the story of the island’s discovery within the framework of glaciologist Jonathan Fahey’s family. Set adrift after a devastating loss, the increasing distance between the Faheys now mirrors that of the island from the mainland.


It wouldn’t have mattered, the snow and ice are necessary due to the content of the story, but when starting this back in January it felt a whole lot more normal to be staring at a cold bleak landscape. None the less, Greenland will be opening this Friday as part of the New York City Fringe Festival, and running at various times through next weekend. All the details are below or HERE.

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