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September promotion

September 28, 2011

This image, “Shallow Waters Ahead”, has been up on my website for a few months, but I wanted to take the time to write about it briefly now. Earlier in the year I was given an assignment to illustrate an article about the treatment of elderly creatives by their respective industries and peers (*in Canada). In summation it’s not good. The article focused on the lack of opportunities given to older artists, be it musicians, performers, or fine artists despite their long history of success and attention; Maybe obviously they are moved aside for younger talent and fresher faces.

The article only called for one illustration, but after reading the text I couldn’t help but find a great deal of inspiration for visual content. What started as one image for the magazine eventually turned into a three image series of work highlighting the plight of the singer, the actor, and the painter (you can find all three on my website).

Inspiration! (Sorry Norm)

I usually follow a strict rule to never make art with an artist (painter) as the subject matter; It seems too ironic or maybe just lame in my opinion. However, because this narrative was so specific to the artist I felt it was necessary and legitimate to depict the painter. In conclusion, the story here is that the artist’s “ship has already sailed” and now he is being left behind, beached on dry ground.

Also, as you can see I decided to use this image as my latest promotion swag. A crisp 18″x24″ poster. Double sided none the less! If you received one, I hope you enjoy.


New York Moment

September 24, 2011

New York Times

September 16, 2011

Another one for the cover of the New York Times Arts and Leisure section this weekend. Check ‘er out on Sunday. Curious to see how much pop that green screen gets on newsprint.

Story about character actors. You know, “that guy” you know, but you don’t know…

The Art Directors Club Young Guns!

September 10, 2011

Speechless. So thankful to be included this year! 




Pierrepont Hicks Look Book 2011

September 10, 2011

I love bow ties so when the opportunity to illustrate a series of images for a tie maker came along I jumped at the chance. I am extremely excited to finally be able to share the results of my collaboration with the lovely folks over at Pierrepont Hicks. They make extraordinary ties and have put together a unique approach to their Fall/Winter 2011 look book. Had way too much fun working with this concept. Enjoy!

I will be selling 8″x10″ archival prints of these images as well. Go here to purchase

Visit Pierrepont Hicks

View the pdf look book

So many images to share so lets get to it:

New Work. Plansponsor & USAA

September 7, 2011

A couple of recent spreads! It’s always a pleasure to see how the art director uses type in harmony with the illustration; a tip of my hat to those folks! Also, now that I am teaching the young illustrators of the world, I’m going to try and include more sketches and line drawings along with these pieces of final art. Enjoy!

Military personnel transitioning back to civilian job force

Finding the right consultant