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Islam’s Inquisitors

February 14, 2012

Islam’s Inquisitors

Here is my solution to a review article about the book, “Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide”. Holy-long-winded! The book title pretty much sums up the image-  blasphemy laws and how they work against religious liberty, as oppose to preserving it. The book includes all religions, however the emphasis is placed heavily on the Muslim faith; it was suggested to me to focus on that.

Sometimes I find the religious articles very challenging, but this one came together rather quick.  So many key words to exploit: Silence! Religion! Choking! Freedom! OH MY!!

Thanks for reading!



March 2, 2011

For a book review in Christianity Today about why it’s ok to enjoy “the now” instead of suffering in preparation for the afterlife.


October 19, 2010

I am aware I’ve posted about this image before, but here’s the real deal…

Oh, my lovely Christianity Today. Over the years I’ve developed a rather wonderful working relationship with the folks at this magazine and along the way have been given challenging assignments that help me grow as an artist.  This was definitely one of those moments.  I knew I was setting myself up for a helluva challenge here. Incorporating this number of different elements all packed together, for me, was outside of my comfort zone. Frankly, I was worried about how it was going to come together in the end.  There will always be more to learn and growing to do, but completing this image to satisfaction was one of those small victories that help keep you motivated moving forward.