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Book of Portraits

February 3, 2012

The below images will be published later this year in a book collecting illustrated portraits. Not sure if the book will be available in the states or not- the publisher is based in Germany. Überraschung!


September promotion

September 28, 2011

This image, “Shallow Waters Ahead”, has been up on my website for a few months, but I wanted to take the time to write about it briefly now. Earlier in the year I was given an assignment to illustrate an article about the treatment of elderly creatives by their respective industries and peers (*in Canada). In summation it’s not good. The article focused on the lack of opportunities given to older artists, be it musicians, performers, or fine artists despite their long history of success and attention; Maybe obviously they are moved aside for younger talent and fresher faces.

The article only called for one illustration, but after reading the text I couldn’t help but find a great deal of inspiration for visual content. What started as one image for the magazine eventually turned into a three image series of work highlighting the plight of the singer, the actor, and the painter (you can find all three on my website).

Inspiration! (Sorry Norm)

I usually follow a strict rule to never make art with an artist (painter) as the subject matter; It seems too ironic or maybe just lame in my opinion. However, because this narrative was so specific to the artist I felt it was necessary and legitimate to depict the painter. In conclusion, the story here is that the artist’s “ship has already sailed” and now he is being left behind, beached on dry ground.

Also, as you can see I decided to use this image as my latest promotion swag. A crisp 18″x24″ poster. Double sided none the less! If you received one, I hope you enjoy.

3×3 Annual #7

February 10, 2011

“Absurdist Logic” has a double page spread in the latest 3×3 Annual. Wow. A sincere thank you, Charles.

*editors note: No I do not paint my fingernails


October 10, 2010

A new portfolio.

Recently I was extended an invite to join the online portfolio site Illoz. Im telling you all this because It has provided me with a portal to more coherently catalog my illustrations broken up into subjects and markets. One set I want to highlight is ‘Fashion’. I have a strong interest in classy mens wear and have finally been able to assemble all of the work relevant to that in one place.  Check it out!

I will still keep my personal website updated regularly,


MacUser UK

September 27, 2010

Where my Brits at?! I wanted to share this because unfortunatly the interview is not available online.  A little while back MacUser UK contacted me regarding my work and outlook on business in a creative field.  Im really flattered about the amount of space they gave the artwork and how generous the AD and editors were.  Thanks!  If you happen to be in the UK and want to know everything you ever can about me….pick up the issue, out now!

I’ll share one of the better Q/A’s…

Q: “What is a mistake you have learned from?”

A: I probably could have saved a great deal of money had I been more patient and let my craft develop before putting my work out in the world with hopes of getting hired. To say this is a mistake is tough, but learn from it I did.  Putting your work in public opens you to criticism and when there is a lot of improvement needed, you get PLENTY of criticism. It was a crash course in “you must work harder” 101.

Otherwise, read my lips: ALWAYS spell check , ALWAYS confirm the name of the person you are emailing, and ALWAYS proof your color. believe me, I speak from experience

SVA, MFA Thesis exhibition, May 4th

April 28, 2010

come one, come all!

It has been two years now, but we have come to the end.  To celebrate the completion of our MFA studies, my class will be hosting the annual MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Thesis Show.  Of course I am biased, but the work is top knotch, beautiful, and worth the trip to Chelsea.

I hope to see you there.

More information about everyone involved, here

You can see a preview of the work I will have on display, here.


March 2, 2010

well, its been a year in the works but I am FINALLY getting this bad boy out the door.

Tertium Comparison is a book of my work illustrating metaphoric quotes, presented in the format of postcards.

description from the inside cover:

“This is a book of translation. My intent is not to introduce you to new quotes but instead make you see them in a new way; a unique view of life lessons we can all take something away from. Through the use of metaphor and contrastive analysis each image overlaps with a quote to bring to life the common message between the two. This overlapping space is known as Tertium.”

Im proud to be sending this out. I’ve printed a relatively small number of 100, if you are recieving one, I really hope you enjoy.  thanks for reading

The books are wrapped in a xerox printed belly band and enclosed in 2 color screen printed cardboard boxes.