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Society of Illustrators Update/Silver Medal

January 24, 2012

I am very proud that the three pieces shown below will be on display as part of the Editorial and Book Show next month at the Society of Illustrators. It’s my first opportunity to display some larger art work that has been mounted to wood and varnished with an oil based medium. I look forward to some feedback…

Also, I am extremely excited that this year I have been awarded a silver medal for the “Greenland” poster I worked on with The Bridge Theatre Company. Winning the medal means a lot to me; it’s incredibly humbling and something I will always be grateful for. The two images below will appear in the Advertising/institutional show.

Thank you to SI and all of the judges!

Editorial and book opening: February 3
Institutional and advertising: March 2

See everyone there!


Cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails

August 10, 2011

Hey everyone! As I have posted about before, I am thankful to still be working on a continuing series of show posters for “your favorite hockey player’s favorite Canadian theatre company”, aka, The Bridge Theatre Company. I am now able to share the final version of the third piece in the series for the production of Nicolas Billon’s “Greenland”.


In September 2005, an island was discovered off the east coast of Greenland (read the NY Times article here). Originally mapped as part of the mainland, the receding ice sheet has ‘revealed’ it to be an independent land mass. Greenland re-imagines the story of the island’s discovery within the framework of glaciologist Jonathan Fahey’s family. Set adrift after a devastating loss, the increasing distance between the Faheys now mirrors that of the island from the mainland.


It wouldn’t have mattered, the snow and ice are necessary due to the content of the story, but when starting this back in January it felt a whole lot more normal to be staring at a cold bleak landscape. None the less, Greenland will be opening this Friday as part of the New York City Fringe Festival, and running at various times through next weekend. All the details are below or HERE.


June 3, 2011

Another Theatrical poster! I truly love working on these. The Bridge Theatre Company is a great client and the plays (and readings) are full of rich content.  The Innocents, according to The Bridge’s website, tells the story of :

Stanley Birnbaum, fresh-faced wunderkind lawyer, has a bewildering new client: a smart young man from the suburbs, all the world open to him, who’s confessed to a brutal, senseless murder. As if Stanley weren’t bewildered enough by his love life already. A sexy, darkly funny exploration of youth, ambition, and desire.

I worked on a very tight deadline for this piece so we decided to stick with a BW image, but since the due date I took some time to make a few subtle adjustments. I am very happy with how the poster series for The Bridge is shaping up; a third one is coming up mid-summer.

If you are in New York this weekend and NOT watching the NHL finals, come out to see a unique theatre experience with an intimate reading of  “The Innocents”

TWO PERFORMANCES ONLY. Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th at 8pm. Each evening begins with a pre-show reception, sponsored byMOLSON CANADIAN, at 7pm.

Penthouse 1 @ Shetler Studios
244 West 54th Street (between 8th & Broadway), 12th Floor



March 28, 2011

I am excited to announce a fun project I recently had the opportunity to work on; show posters for a small, albeit successful, theatre company, The Bridge Theatre Company. I was pleased to have the chance as I have always wanted to get more work in this field. The first show, (which is actually a reading workshop of the show) titled “Sia”, is taking place this coming weekend.

Prior to making the image I was fortunate enough to see an early reading of the play which really helped build the visual background. The story is full of metaphors and symbols making it quite a joy to illustrate. More about the story below:

“Sia” tells the fast and furious story of a former child soldier who takes a Canadian university student hostage in a Liberian refugee camp in West Africa, SIA is a challenging look into the complex relationship between North America and Africa.

This relationship of compassion and hostility between the characters of the story is what the image is intended to capture.

I highly encourage anyone who is in the area to check out the reading. It’s a hell of a story and from what I hear, will have free beer on hand. Hey ah!

Ticket information, here
The Bridge Theatre Company

I am also working on the next play, “Greenland”, for The Bridge, which will make it’s officially debut at the New York Fringe Festival. Details to come later.