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March 2, 2011

For a book review in Christianity Today about why it’s ok to enjoy “the now” instead of suffering in preparation for the afterlife.



January 26, 2011

There seems to be a serious problem within the Orange County Prison System, not only with overcrowding, but  negligible behavior (by prison officials), and high suicide rates. The report proposes that the suicide rate is up due to the lack of care and attention for the prison population, especially those at high risk due to mental health issues.

With this concept in mind, I wanted to make sure the art did not just present prisoner suicide, but instead place blame. In this case on the prison itself. Full story here

I am really pleased with the way this cover turned out; my hat goes off to the wonderful art director for her beautiful integration of illustration and design.  Ironically, the image was very close to not running. It was a go at the start, then the editor wanted a photo, and finally at the 11th hour they went back to illustration.  Glad they did so.  Illustration 1, photography 0.

Lastly, it seems relevant to point out that every time I have been hired to work for an Orange County publication the topic has been death, corruption, or suicide. I mean damn, can’t we all get along?



September 11, 2010

I’m pretty sure my head might explode.  


August 30, 2010

Image for review of books on evil, Christianity Today Magazine


August 27, 2010

As summer is slowly (emphasis on slowly) grinding to a halt I thought I would put together a bit of a round up.  I was kept remarkably busy and even managed to fit in a fair amount of traveling too.  Places to knock off the list: Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and numerous trips down to ‘ol Philadelphia.  LA was cool, but not for me, Cincinnati has way to many state fairs and parades, and I swear it, Im moving to Vermont next year. Oh and Philly, its cool, I see you.

Along with the usual stuff, I have been involved in some long term projects these past few months and while I can’t really share much right now I thought a few previews could do some good. Summer may be winding down, but people, it’s only September (not even) we still have plenty of time!  SO here is a little bit of a round up, Including a new personal piece which follows along in the series from my MFA Thesis.

Full page for OC Magazine, which goes with the drop cap from below. (not a long term project!)

Rough drawing of character for a 4 image assignment about haunted locations around America

crop of the final…

crop of 1 of 4 haunted locations

crop of 2 of 4 haunted locations

crop of 3 of 4 haunted locations

Part of the drawing for personal piece. ‘Duke’s Dilemma’

Crop of final, still workin’ this one out…

One small piece of a really fun book cover assignment

…Im also doing the cover type.

Hope you enjoy, will share the big picture as soon as I can.



July 27, 2010

Well here is a fun update. I recently did the cover for Plansponsor Europe for an article regarding the status of pensions in Greece.  Hopefully with the art you can tell what kind of shape that system is currently in…

This is my first cover for Plansponsor and needless to say I was really excited when the opportunity came up. It’s a real honor to follow some of the people I look up to the most in this business on such a stage.

Also, I don’t normally share the sketch stage, but hey what the hell, these were some of the other thoughts…

see the digital version here:

In other news, I was walking home the other day, late late afternoon to be exact, and as I crossed McGolrick Park I suddenly found myself experiencing a real life Magritte painting.  Magritte is one of my favorite artists of all time, (ask me why…thats for another post) as you can imagine it was a rather surreal moment. yes, pun intended. It brings into question, maybe Magritte was just painting what he saw? Just sayin…

Photographic evidence

left: Magrittes’ ‘The Empire of Lights’ vs. Bartletts’ ‘Awesome, non-photoshoped park picture’



January 9, 2010

I’ve been fortunate to develop a comfortable and friendly relationship with Christianity Today Magazine over the past year, their assignments are always challenging and the AD is ridiculously friendly.  Some time ago they asked to re-use an illustration I did for their book review to decorate the renovated office.  It looks like myself and some others (can’t tell who from the picture) made it into the board room.  Thought it was kinda cool, wanted to share a photo.


Im looking forward to getting back to the print making studio next week to produce this 3 color poster. The image is for a theme Nobrow has put together, “People I’ve never met and conversations I’ve never had.”.This would be the conversation I’ve never had, which is not true, I love lots of people and I tell them, but you know, I’m going for dramatic effect here.

If the next 4 months are anything like the last 4, this will most likely be the only print I make for awhile.  Too bad, I really enjoy printing, I like the hands on physical aspect, it is tiring and you really feel like you worked for the final product (right Matthew Barney?).

ok, taking the afternoon off, going to play some (concrete) pond hockey, and then watch the Eagles bang some heads. go birds.