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March 17, 2011

Jane Eyre for The Boston Globe



February 27, 2011

It’s the big night, right? Sure, why not!

I had the privilege of illustrating the cover of the Sunday Calendar section for The Los Angeles Times, honoring Hollywood’s biggest night.  Many thanks to the design team to include me alongside the other six artists for this fun series of images.

About the art: “I wanted to have a little tongue-in-cheek fun with the most important part of the Oscars, that is, winning. Everyone always thanks a list of people, but what you don’t see is the other side of the page…”

More info here


February 23, 2011


Another image for my never-ending series on man’s struggle in an absurd world. You all know the metaphor…


January 4, 2011

Hey, its a new year! To start off with some effort I thought I would thematically dissect one of my recent images.

From time to time,  stories can change and symbols can evolve beyond their origins. “The Balance of Power” began as an interpretation of the David and Goliath story, showcasing a small meager man giving the giant his due. The idea was inspired by an old tale set in the Dust Bowl era in which a poor farmer seeks and delivers revenge on a corrupt, wealthy entrepreneur who stole his house and land. The less fortunate hunts down the privileged, making him pay for his crimes.

However, as I kept working, the characters began to exchange roles; this realization brought up an interesting point regarding contradicting symbols. Traditionally, size represents strength; however, high fashion implies wealth, which is a different kind of power. That being said, who, in fact, has the upper hand in this situation? The physically intimidating “Goliath” or the smaller yet well-dressed and arrogant “David”? Is this giant the bully or the victim? While rendering the giant, I began to sympathize with him more so than the brash, young fighter in the background. He looks beaten, broken, and clearly not as affluent as the gentleman he faces. In my imagination, he no longer is the oppressor, but the oppressed on display for the entertainment of the crowd– a freak show, a circus act.

The image raises numerous questions with answers that could go in either direction depending on how each individual interprets what he or she sees.

It is interesting to reevaluate traditional assumptions about size versus audacity. Is it too hard to see “Goliath” as the victim seeking retribution? These questions, which might have not originally existed, hopefully bring new depth to the story and metaphor.


Who do you sympathize with?


August 30, 2010

Image for review of books on evil, Christianity Today Magazine


August 27, 2010

As summer is slowly (emphasis on slowly) grinding to a halt I thought I would put together a bit of a round up.  I was kept remarkably busy and even managed to fit in a fair amount of traveling too.  Places to knock off the list: Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and numerous trips down to ‘ol Philadelphia.  LA was cool, but not for me, Cincinnati has way to many state fairs and parades, and I swear it, Im moving to Vermont next year. Oh and Philly, its cool, I see you.

Along with the usual stuff, I have been involved in some long term projects these past few months and while I can’t really share much right now I thought a few previews could do some good. Summer may be winding down, but people, it’s only September (not even) we still have plenty of time!  SO here is a little bit of a round up, Including a new personal piece which follows along in the series from my MFA Thesis.

Full page for OC Magazine, which goes with the drop cap from below. (not a long term project!)

Rough drawing of character for a 4 image assignment about haunted locations around America

crop of the final…

crop of 1 of 4 haunted locations

crop of 2 of 4 haunted locations

crop of 3 of 4 haunted locations

Part of the drawing for personal piece. ‘Duke’s Dilemma’

Crop of final, still workin’ this one out…

One small piece of a really fun book cover assignment

…Im also doing the cover type.

Hope you enjoy, will share the big picture as soon as I can.



July 27, 2010

Well here is a fun update. I recently did the cover for Plansponsor Europe for an article regarding the status of pensions in Greece.  Hopefully with the art you can tell what kind of shape that system is currently in…

This is my first cover for Plansponsor and needless to say I was really excited when the opportunity came up. It’s a real honor to follow some of the people I look up to the most in this business on such a stage.

Also, I don’t normally share the sketch stage, but hey what the hell, these were some of the other thoughts…

see the digital version here:

In other news, I was walking home the other day, late late afternoon to be exact, and as I crossed McGolrick Park I suddenly found myself experiencing a real life Magritte painting.  Magritte is one of my favorite artists of all time, (ask me why…thats for another post) as you can imagine it was a rather surreal moment. yes, pun intended. It brings into question, maybe Magritte was just painting what he saw? Just sayin…

Photographic evidence

left: Magrittes’ ‘The Empire of Lights’ vs. Bartletts’ ‘Awesome, non-photoshoped park picture’



July 18, 2010

I’ve had the good fortune this weekend to have images in both the NY Times Book Review & LA Times Book Review on the same day.  Both assignments were pretty stimulating and enjoyable to solve.

Also, because of the ICON Conference (update on that later) I happened to be in both cities this week/weekend when the reviews were published, woooah crazy madness!

Many thanks to both papers for the work!

NY Times article, here

LA Times article, here

PUNX most definitely NOT DEAD

June 15, 2010

Because I am an equal opportunist, the punx are back with some vengence.
“You hit mine, ill hits yours…twice!”

Also, been asked about portraits a few times lately so here is Jack White for you.


June 11, 2010

No, this isn’t a personal statement, just a bit of tongue in cheek humor. Strange as it may seem, there were a few punks in my town when I was growing up. I got along great with them all the way through high school. I wonder if they are still into that whole culture…

I once made a piece of parody art back in 8th grade about that catch phrase “PUNX NOT DEAD!”. Ill try to dig it up…